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Shoesletter Oct 2 2014


One of my closest friends passed away today. I do not want to reveal his name right now, because some do not know yet. I will certainly give him a memorial tribute when the time is right, but for now it’s simply a time for reflection.

He was an inspiration to me, a courageous man, who extended his life on earth to many, many years past the doctors’ prognosis. My memories of him are enough to colorfully fill a novel. His take on life leaves all who knew him with a nudge to examine our personal journey. For me, he initiated a compelling desire to assist others in making fresh choices. He might be gone from his body, but his legacy stays with us forever.

One key lesson, and what I believe sustained him, is a supreme wish for joy & laughter. We shared countless laughs, and were lucky enough to cause others to giggle from some of our collaborations. And when he was in his darkest days, it made me feel better when I caused him to shine with his knowing glint.

We search for answers when someone dies before they are supposed to. Why would a loving higher power make him suffer as he did? Why make this good man deal with such pain?

We’ll never know all the answers, but we can explore the greater purpose and find personal meaning from tragic circumstances. To me, he showed us what is most important; to love with all we have, nurture family & friendships, be of service and make a difference. Be bold; create an alternative reality from the one we are handed. Look deep within. Tell the truth. Live in higher purpose. Be kind and generous. Laugh your ass off!

He was a great writer. To reach beyond the boundaries of the fearful is a key to those who offer us true, original art. He did this, and I will immerse in that path of creativity more than ever.

NOW is the time to seize the project he inspired – a film about the healing powers of laughter. We’re all set with an all star production team. I am totally committed to raising the last few dollars to make our dream come true! Purpose: to raise the awareness of the healing powers of laughter: physically, emotionally and for the soul. It feels like he is still speaking to me. I am answering the call by continuing to spread the message…

In the meantime, the comedy tour continues, with the laughs seemingly more hearty of late. If it is not from a comedy stage, the urge to inspire others to their unlimited potential will manifest itself in various other ways. The book, LoveMaster’d, is getting feedback that makes me happy it was written. I encourage you to read it, especially if you are going through tough times.

Please don’t be concerned with condolences to me. I am in acceptance of his death and have been for a while, as he suffered miserably for years. This is the only time I have actually resonated with the phrase, “he’s in a better place.”

Hope to see you all soon. Remember…“Take laughter seriously!”    ~ Craig Shoemaker

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The Craig Shoemaker Show: Incase you have missed my beautiful co-host Lisa Rado and I are taking this new technology of Podcasting by storm. We have great guests every week that you can either listen live or download on iTunes. Both options are of course FREE. We air live every Wednesday from 12-2pm PST and love to have people call in and tweet us live from the show. Our show phone number is 818-691-3959 or tweet us live @CraigShoeShow. We love all the feedback and stories our guests can share with us. We offer nutrition advice, health, wellness, and so much more just give us a call! Want to be a part of our audience at Universal Studios? Send us an email and let us know we would love to have you! 

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