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Shoesletter Oct 27 2014


What a cool, unexpected email I received last week. The famed Doctor Drew Pinsky sent me a note out of nowhere, letting me know he is reading, “LoveMaster’d” for the second time and it is bringing “new dividends” to him personally. Really dug receiving that email…

Please, if you are a reader, check out the reviews of the book. It might compel you to pick up a copy, and if it’s purchased through, I can sign it for you. It reads more like a novel, and is not what you might expect from a “comedian,” but I remind people that a true comic speaks from an organic, truthful place and Robin Williams certainly showed us the darker side in some of his greatest work. He obviously held on to some personal inner turmoil too. This book speaks to that sort secret life, uncovering many of the hidden feelings that can lead one to difficult places. The cathartic revealing is (hopefully) a good thing for all of us.

As many of you know, the standup touring is winding down, with less than three months left. Frankly, this is the strangest, scariest time of my adult life, and that includes our midwife being late for our baby’s home birth!

This has been my job for over 30 years. Oddly, the shows have never been better and the new material is hitting, and now that the time is getting closer, many are pressuring me to not got through with it. Some think I’m doing a Cher or Streisand thing with the retirement. Can’t we come up with a better, more straight/male reference for this? The Scorpions, maybe? KISS has made a lot of comebacks after their countless announcements. Can I be Gene Simmons?

I’ll get more in depth on the reasons for changing up the career, as well as updates on what you can be a part of.  A lot of tour dates this fall and winter. Come out an share some laughs.

Thanks for being part of the journey

Happily ever laughter!

Upcoming dates: 

November 6-8 Laugh Boston 

November 12-14 Hiliarities Ohio 

November 15- Hollywood Improv California 

November 21-23 Tempe Improv Arizona 

November 28-29 Hermosa California 

- Shoe

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