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"I know, I know—it's confusing to nail down exactly who Craig Shoemaker is. Hell, I'm not so sure either.

Author, Speaker, Doctor, Writer, Actor, Host... There isn't enough room on my business card for all the vocational endeavors. My therapist charges me a group rate!

The core of all personal vision is creativity. Creation has no boundaries or definition, but no matter how we exercise our freedom of expression, I look forward to connecting with you. Let's enlighten up the world together.

As many of you know, I paved my way by performing stand-up comedy. Causing chuckles and guffaws has now led to giving birth to my pride and joy - The Laughter Heals Foundation. I feel so fortunate to have made so many people laugh and am deeply grateful for what you all have given back to me. Comedy has unlocked many a door, and that door is open to every one of you. Welcome, come on in!

 -Craig Shoemaker

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Can I Help You? is a weekly podcast hosted by comedian Dr. Craig Shoemaker. In an attempt to Build a bridge from the Woo Woo to the Ha Ha, Dr. Craig Shoemaker Funcilitates this conversational podcast that helps you get the “gum off your shoe”. Each episode he will have a guest on the show and try to help them with love, career, parenting, relationships or anything that might be weighing them down... Or sometimes maybe he'll just be helping himself figure things out. It's an anything goes conversation with an emphasis on whatever comes up comes out. Join Dr. Craig as he helps his friends open up and say Haha! Click the link below to start listening now!



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