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Shoesletter Aug 19 2014


20 years ago this month, I recorded my first CD at the Ice House Pasadena. (Remember those shiny 4-inch audio discs that spin?) This weekend I would love for anyone in Southern California to attend one of the three shows at the Ice House. Come be a part of our audience for the anniversary recording of the final performances. Bring your best laugh to add texture to the CD, record, album 8-track…whatever the hell you call it!

As some of you might know I am transitioning to other creative outlets and this now includes “author,” of a personal development book, adding luster to the confusion!

The success of LoveMaster’d has been a pretty cool thing, especially since I’ve basically had one career my whole adult life. The last job I had before comedy was converting cesspools to sewers when I was a kid. Talk about a shit job…

This Saturday the 23rd we’ll be doing a book signing and Q & A at Bank of Books Ventura CA at 12 pm PST. There will be paperback copies available for purchase. This past week I was honored by one of the world’s most renowned reviewing companies, Clarion Review, as they gave LoveMaster’d a 4 out of 5 star rating. The Clarion review touched on many things that people don’t expect from a stand-up comic such as…

"Shoemaker demonstrates a comedic timing and cleverness, as well as a caring, empathetic voice…Lovemaster’d is an honest, hopeful look at recovering from divorce. Those who have faced the difficulty and complications of both losing love and growing love will relate to Shoemaker’s insights."

“It is heartening to see how Shoemaker offers the good, bad and ugly of his own experience in an attempt to help the more recently divorced Leah De Luca…and move forward through their pain to ultimately find happiness- an invaluably reassuring message”

The reviews in general from all if you have been thrilling to see. We would love to hear more from those of you whom have read it. Feel free to email reviews to, if you bought it through Amazon, please give it a review there, or post them directly to my Facebook Fan Page. It all helps spread the word. If you didn’t care for it, my name is “Adam Carolla.”

Upcoming Events and Performances:

Aug 22-23 Ice House Pasadena, CA

Aug 23- Book Signing- Bank of Books Ventura, CA

Aug 29-31- Brad Garrett’s Las Vegas, NV

Sept 5-7 Comedy Zone Charlotte, NC

Sept 13- Book Signing- Big Blue Marble Book Store, PA

Sept 14- Magooby’s, MD

Sept 19-21- San Jose Improv, CA

Sept 22- Ventura Comedy Festival, CA

As you can probably imagine, the death of Robin Williams has had quite an emotional impact. Personally, tragedies always lead to deeper self-reflection. In this case, the early death of a comedy legend has inspired thoughts of personal growth. One speculation on Robin's suicide raises this question - did he give away so much but left little for himself? Was he making others happy, while he did not tend to his own pleasure and needs? How much of his turmoil came from keeping things secret, knowing he could not share certain pain or illness, for fear the press would pounce upon it and expose his frailty to the world, all for the sake of sensationalism and ratings?

We all have problems, but I cannot imagine how magnified they can become when the whole world is watching. In honor of Robin Williams, how about we make a decision to embrace the laughter, whether generated by self or others? Allow levity to take the place of divisive cynicism. Discover the places in the soul in which may go astray and tend to the broken parts. Be honest about the perceived failures and never go it alone. Surround us with people of divine purpose, who wish to share vision and live with passion. Robin Williams is giving us all a platform to reach out to people and allow them to understand they are not alone. Through awareness and social platforms we can spread the word and help make a difference.

In reflection, I think it is time we took an outside-the-norm peak at Robin Williams’ death. Let’s not focus on how or why, but look to what message he left for us to ponder. His on and off stage life was one to emulate, as his generosity and kind spirit touched so many. Let’s co-create a better of society. This is a time to bond together, laugh together and make a difference. Remember: Take Laughter Seriously and always Laugh Out Love! 

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