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Shoesletter July 2014


Based on ratings, reviews and sales, my recently released book, LoveMaster’d, appears to be taking over the relationship and love world in a whole new way.

We had a last second book signing at the first place I ever worked (as a dish washer) at Halligans in Flourtown, PA. Over a hundred people showed up! One person I went to high school with read it and gave me this Philly-like assessment: “Damn, Shoe. I couldn’t put it down. You can write! I always remember you as a CLOWN.” I guess I will always be known as the guy locked in the closet by the fourth grade teacher, but something good must have seeped into the mind of this little juvenile delinquent, because the reviews of the book have been mind blowing.

As many of you know, the book was sent in advance to a number of celebrities such as Whoopi Goldberg, Dr Drew, Jeanie Buss and Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul author). All were kind enough to give it a positive endorsement for the cover. I realize now that the book is having a transformative effect on many people in ways that I didn’t initially realize. My reason for having this published is that I wanted to put this information out to the world with the goal of helping others better manage emotional pain and/or difficult situations.

I could go on and on with expression of gratitude about the amazing reviews and stories that people have shared about the book such as:

“This book should be required reading for anyone with a pulse! This is a handbook on how to live life as a master of your own journey while maintaining an open, vibrant heart an truly gaining the ability to cultivate love and happiness.” – Lynn on Amazon.

“A book really about what it means to love. I need to read it again!” –Stephanie on Amazon.

“Awesome that a comedian can delve deep into the world of self help, all while reflecting on love” – Dave on Amazon

I am deeply moved by the kind words of so many readers and their willingness to share their deep and often personal reviews of the book. I would love to read more of your thoughts, so please leave them on my Dr. Craig Shoemaker Facebook Page and give us a review on Amazon. Also, I do see private clients that want help in their relationships, family, love, and much more. Write to me: for a consultation.

Many individuals seem to relate to LoveMaster’d on multiple levels and are starting to really believe that there is a connection to themselves and others that is larger than what we currently understand. The release of this book is just the beginning of a personal and professional “rebranding” and the beginning of a movement to raise awareness of the healing powers of laughter. Come join us and “Laugh out Love!”  

For those of you that have not read and or purchased LoveMaster’d you can do so by clicking here.

Book Signing Dates:

August 6th at 6pm at Oceana Winery in Santa Barbara, CA

August 23rd at 12pm at Bank Of Books in Ventura, CA

September 13th at TBA at Big Blue Marble Books

Don’t worry. I haven’t gone completely soft and authory on you. The edgy comedy and talking about sexual prowess of the LoveMaster is still making the rounds, baby! Upcoming Tour Dates:


1-2 Comedy Catch- Chattanooga, TN

8-9 ACES Comedy Club- Murrieta, CA

JUST ADDED 10th Irvine Improv- Irvine, CA

14-16 Comedy Works-Denver, CO

22-23 Ice House – Pasadena, CA

29-31 Brad Garrett’s MGM –Las Vegas, NV

Check out for more details and other performance dates.

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