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Shoesletter- New Book Release


My book is officially released and ready to order. LoveMaster’d is now available online at the Friesen Press Book Store. Available on their website is the Hard Cover copy, Paperback copy, and the eBook. Many people have been asking me about the eBook and it is finally ready. Friesen Press Book Store has the copies accessible for Google Play, iTunes, the Nook Store, and more.  The Kindle addition is now available as well on Amazon!

Click here for the Friesen Press Book Store.

LoveMaster'd : Seven years after his own first marriage has ended bitterly, happily remarried comedian Craig Shoemaker gets a Facebook message from Leah, a casual acquaintance, in which she tells him that her marriage of thirty years is ending. Something in Leah’s deeply sorrowful message strikes a chord in Craig and he writes her back and offers to share some of his own hard-won wisdom on how to handle the dissolution of a marriage. But Craig’s troubles with his ex-wife are far from over and he comes to need Leah’s insights and support as much as she needs his. What evolves is a unique spiritual journey and an extraordinary friendship, conducted entirely through Facebook private-messaging. Through their correspondence, Leah and Craig struggle together through life’s storms and eventually triumph over them, transcending into fully realized lives enriched by mindfulness, acceptance, and grace. Oftentimes painful, frequently funny, and always emotionally riveting, Lovemaster’d is a page-turner that imparts priceless lessons on spiritual awakening, in dramatic, can’t-put-it-down style. 

LoveMaster’d has received raving reviews by Whoopi Goldberg, Jeanie Buss, Dr. Drew, and Mark Victor Hansen. Not to mention the countless others who have reviewed the book and said it was too good to put down. You can rate and review the book as well, here’s how…            

Amazon offers a place on the same page that you buy the book to review the book and rate it. Go ahead give it a great customer review! Click here to buy the book from Amazon.

Friesen Press also offers a great place for you to review the book under the “What People are Saying” section. I love the feedback and great reviews so keep writing them! Click here to buy the book from Friesen Press.

The more reviews the better! Please share the link to the book on Facebook, Twitter, and all other social media. I really want to get this powerful message across and that is a huge part of the reason I started my new Facebook page as well.  Click here to LIKE the page on Facebook. This will be the account that I do most of my updating and interaction with! Plus all of my book signing information will be on this page. I will post upcoming dates to go along with my upcoming Final Love Master Tour Dates.

Upcoming Tour Dates:

July 17- Sandi Pointe, NJ 

July 23- New Brunswick, NJ

July 30- Knoxville, TN

Aug 1-2 Comedy Catch, TN

Aug 8-9 ACES Comedy Club

Aug 14-15 Comedy Works, Denver, CO

Aug 22-23 Ice House Pasadena, CA

Aug 29-31 Brad Garrett’s Las Vegas, NV 


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