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To Promote or Not to Promote


I wrote a book called LoveMaster'd. 

I'm often suspicious of promotion. With this creative work I assure you there will be no windfall made. I'd be lucky to buy a month of AOL with the profits. In this case gain is not financial, but hearing how it helps readers through difficult times. Similar to a point guard in basketball, it's not about personal stats, but that we all win by sharing ideas/experiences in respect to how we manage life. When hearing the countless responses to the writing and how the book has inspired positive change, the heart fills, not my pockets.

The book delves into child abuse, physical ailment, parental alienation, relationship breakup, addiction, molestation and mental illness. We're around upheaval every day, but how do we approach it and navigate past sometimes paralyzing circumstances? 

Sounds like a real "feel-good," eh? HaHa. Sorry, it's not the act, but what got the act on a stage that is key to this piece. 

It does have humor, but the real essence is an honest revealing and subsequent healing. Laughter is the best medicine, but unbridled truth in all areas inspires new thought and resulting wisdom, which I believe we need more of, rather than mindlessly ignore the issues before us.

Based on the many generous reviews submitted, it appears the intention is being fulfilled. I thank you all for that! 

You can get Lovemaster'd at and I will sign your copy, or go to any of the usual online stores. It is a good gift because you are handing someone a "how-to" guide, which many times comically turns into a "how NOT to," in hopes you can all learn from my countless mistakes and buffoonery! 

So grateful to you all, and thankful you are part of this amazing journey. 

May you all live happily ever laughter! ~ Dr Shoe


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