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Shoesletter- Holiday Edition 2014


Yes, this standup touring career is coming to a close. Over 10,000 nightclub shows and all that’s left is this Friday and Saturday at The Irvine Improv, and New Year’s Eve at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, California. If you want to attend the Dec 31st final show, friends get a nice discount if you use the code “justin” when ordering tickets. I suggest you eat there too to assure good seats.

After decades of standup comedy career, while still doing it better than ever, I've decided to re-boot and move on from the road. It is a daunting task to move onto alternative sources of income and creative outlets, but I am very committed to this transformation.

I will still do select shows where there is not a grind or pressure of having to fill venues. I really want to give other artistic areas a true shot, and being on the road each week has prevented me from doing that. Now is my chance to do things of more “purpose” too, as well as be around my amazing family more often.

But if some of these ventures don’t pay off, I will be back like CHER! Look out for a Craig Shoemaker with peacock feathers and a permanent surgical smile splashed across my face.

To say I am grateful to all of you, as well as those of you who hired me, would be a huge understatement. I can recall with such fondness seeing you all during shows and after, with supportive grins and compliments aplenty. It’s an unforgettable connection. I hit the lotto about 10 million times, for doing what I love and having your laughter seal the deal, makes me one wealthy guy. I thank you from the depths of my soul.

I just had a conversation with our ten year old about very rich people. I was so proud of Jared, as he expressed his observation of the people of high prestige and obvious abundance of money. He observes them as being stressed and not happy. At his young age, he already notices the chase for more property will rarely lead to a treasure trove of happiness. What came out of our father-son conversation is how fortunate we are to have the amazing family and friendships we do, as well as the infinite amount of laughs we share. We might not have the goods that indicate a lot of cash, but we sure have a vault of fun and love. And now I get to be around for more of it, which is the top motivator in making this difficult decision to leave the old career.

Also, I appreciate your comments on my Facebook Fan and Personal pages about the memories we share, specifically regarding your favorite parts of the act and when we first hung together. It brought me such joy to read your recollections. Keep ‘em comin’!

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Have the best HaHaHaliday ever!

~ Shoe


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