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Here’s an old school update via email, which is beyond 140 characters:
If you are not into Twitter or following me (@TheLovemaster), here are a coupla recent tweets to give you a chuckle.

#FattenUpAMovie – Forrest Plump. “Life IS a box of chocolates.”
#Rejected MothersDayGifts – A Mom’s Guide to Better Parenting, by Kris Kardashian

There are a lot of projects in the works. The most important (current) laugh inducer is a brand new CD, called, Craig Shoemaker: The Last Stand (Up). I would REALLY appreciate it if you would download it this week on iTunes or Amazon. If it gets a decent number, it will help a whole lot. Please download ASAP, and I’d appreciate any and all social media love you can give.
These days, your generous purchase will lead to perhaps a textbook for college for my son or a pair of socks for one of the little Shoes. A Happy Meal in the future for making you happy? Yes, the days of making money by way of album sales are over, but I thank you in advance for contributing to the cause. The CD is very funny and includes new stuff, blended with the hits.
Okay. Way over modern attention spans. Hope you are well, and stay tuned for future live appearances. Writing a brand new one man show with a big comedy director, and can't wait for you to see it!

Laugh on!
Craig Shoemaker


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