Craig Shoemaker


I'm Back Baby...


Well, well. Long time no chat. Yes, I have been out of touch, with nary a Shoe's Letter or even a shoe lace in your inbox. But alas I am back, bringing you all the shoe that's fit to print.

Let's cut to it like a circumcision mohel on Red Bull...

We all need help for our issues, right? After countless sessions and working on self-awareness and growth, it appears I am probably on the good side of personal development. However, there is one area where I need help, in a big way – social media. So, I hired a “digital therapist”. Oniracom will now assist me in my communication skills, including a new website. Considering how far behind I am, I might wear a hole in my therapist’s couch!

I am excited to announce my new website has launched! We have exciting new information available, a new easy to use tour calendar, a place to share fan photos and information on speaking engagements. Speaking of speaking, I am also flattered to announce that I have been inducted into the ATL, (Association of Transformational Leaders), a group I am privileged to be a part of. So many exciting new things to share with all of you. 

Please visit my new site - - and let’s get connected!

Laugh On!