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Shoesletter November 13 2014


The stand-up touring is winding to a close December 31st, but this does not mean “retirement” from the creation of art that pleases all senses from a multitude of platforms, arenas and stages. Think of it as a re-boot. A Shoe redesign. Sole search. Lacing up for a new adventure to share with you.

I really appreciate all those who have read an alternative creation outside the comedy box, the book I wrote, “LoveMaster’d…a Digital Journey to Love & Happiness.”

The book is a yearlong conversation via private messaging on Facebook with a woman 3000 miles away. She was going through a painful breakup. I divulged personal stories with her of life’s struggles, falls and breakthroughs. The piece is the actual back and forth conversation we had with one another. Much of it is the “why” of how one makes a choice of becoming a comedian for a career too.

I sincerely hope you read the book or get it as a gift for someone who can use a little internal healing or lift. Even though it may cause tears, there is much triumph in our literary soul expedition. And of course, it is peppered with laughs.

It’s received humbling critical acclaim, and I really got a cool feeling when receiving an unsolicited email from the famous Dr Drew, who said he’s reading it for the second time and it’s bringing “new dividends” to his life! Love it…

All tour dates are listed on and listed below. If you haven’t already, sign up for the email list. We give monthly prizes for being a part of our team of laughers. You can also get a (signed) book or other goodies for the holidays at the store.

I will refrain from calling it a Shoe Store, but will tell you, “If the Shoe fits…”

Happily Ever Laughter!

Btw, LA area friends, 1 show on my birthday Nov 15, 8pm Hollywood Improv. Almost sold out, so hurry up and come hang with us.

Upcoming Dates: 

November 12-14 Hiliarities Ohio 

November 15- Hollywood Improv California 

November 21-23 Tempe Improv Arizona 

November 28-29 Hermosa California 

- Shoe

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