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September 2013 Shoesletter: News from Craig Shoemaker, The Lovemaster!


Dear Laughers,

Sometimes I cannot believe how long I’ve been doing stand-up comedy. It all began at 9 years old in elementary school when I told personal stories about my family in front of Mrs. Stoudt’s 4th grade class. Here we are decades later, still doing the same thing. Only now I get a paycheck for the same behaviors I got a detention for.Speaking of writing, I’ve been working hard on developing fresh material and I’m so happy with the results. I keep asking venues if the other comedians are getting standing ovations, and the answer is always “No, you are the only one I’ve seen, and you get one every show.” This always begs the question, why am I not as well known as some of my more famous, crowd drawing peers? It’s not something that bothers me, however I would like to spread the laughs to a wider audience. One answer is possibly the way I dress on stage and off. I think I look like one of the audience members. One time, I was in an elevator in Reno about ten minutes after I got off the stage. Six people were still laughing from the show and talking to me about ME. The next morning a guy on the small airplane, sitting two feet away from me taps the guy in front of me on the shoulder and says “How much do you think it would cost to hire Craig Shoemaker?” So, I met a clothing designer in Charlotte, NC and was measured for dress suits. I think having a sense of style might juice it up a little bit. I took notice of my fellow comics who have made it, and they all look the part, and don’t have a wardrobe of jeans and an un-tucked shirt from TJ Maxx.  I’d appreciate any feedback you have on this subject.

Also, if you would please assist me by posting your “reviews’ of my show on your chosen social network, I have a number of upcoming performances including some markets I usually don’t work. Cities include Cleveland, OH; San Jose, CA; Tempe, AZ; Hermosa Beach, CA; Columbus, OH; and San Antonio, TX.  If you bring 10 or more people, I will give you a free CD after the show. For details please go to my beautiful, new website designed by Scott Sloan at Advisory Concepts Unlimited. As always, please go to to check out our webcast/podcast and pass the word to your friends. Put us in your headphones and laugh your day away.

Truly grateful to all of you and I always remember … without you, I’m your waiter.

Laugh it off,


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