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Craig Shoemaker – New Podcast being released – LAUGH IT OFF!
Source: Craig Shoemaker
Dated: Aug. 19, 2013

Craig Shoemaker – Launches a new Podcast with Laughter. Its called Laugh it Off! with Craig Shoemaker.

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Hollywood- CA,
Craig Shoemaker launches a new Podcast, called Laugh it Off! This new podcast, though it has been in existence for 60 episodes, has been reborn and renewed with new features and events especially developed for the watcher in mind. The Laugh it Off! Podcast is geared towards helping its listeners through laughter. How you ask? Laughter is a powerful tool that releases endorphines into the brain and blood stream. By doing so, your perspective alters instantly. Taking you from a place of darkness and bringing you into the light. New Features – that will featured LAUGH-A-DATION – This is a new and exciting tool that you can use to release your despair, through laughter. Actually Laugh out your pain to your friends, You will find that soon, you are laughing so hard you cant stop. Twitter Fans! We hear you. We are very interactive with the show. Tweet us requests, send us little love notes, we will respond to you. Its all about you!
Fans of the show, who watch it live, are treated to special notes and nods that only live users who participate via twitter, or email and facebook, can find their special responces live on screen.
Special Guest – Each week, we have a special guest to share their laugh stories on line with the rest of the nation. We are your show!


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