Craig Shoemaker


Fall Sure is Beautiful



Fall sure is beautiful, but not when the fall is a middle-aged man taking a face plant. Although the bruises changing color are quite a sight to behold.

Was recently invited into The Association of Transformational Leaders. Just returned from an ATL weekend autumn retreat in beautiful Lake Arrowhead. Got to dance like a mad man, play games and sing around a campfire. This is my kind of transformation!

Speaking of personal growth, if you haven’t seen “Tony Robbins, I’m Not Your Guru” on Netflix, check it out. As happens often in my wide world, I watched it and really felt an urge to connect with Tony again. One day later, BOOM! We are exchanging emails and he invited me to his “Unleash the Power Within” event in San Jose.

Taking my oldest son, Justin, with me for that special weekend. He and I are closer than ever, even though I was often told an eighteen-year-old would want nothing to do with me. We’ve been doing a Facebook Live show together. Nothing formal or even promoted, but the response has been amazing. 150 thousand saw the first one. We now buttoned up a few things and will launch in a more “official” way on Wednesday, Oct 19th, 4pm PST. For my Philly math majors, that’s 7 o’clock at night.

The show is now called “What Up, Dad?” and is a live webcast from the Shoemaker living room. It will then be available in podcast form on iTunes too. If you’re not there already, please LIKE the Craig Shoemaker fan page on Facebook, so you can view or take part in the show or see it later. We talk family, sports, music, pop culture…anything you ask for. But be warned, if you are over 40, Justin can be quite a ball buster. He opened the last show by saying, “Facebook is for OLD people!” Hashtag, LetsCrushHim

The standup touring schedule is filling fast, including holiday parties. If you want to add some funny spice to your frankincense & myrrh, contact us ASAP. Check the calendar pageon my site for details on other gigs. If I’m not booked in your hood or nearby, it is usually a matter of numbers. Yeah, if the demand isn’t there, it’s like selling cigarettes at a cancer ward. So, if you do have a large group of friends who would like to laugh with (and at) me, please request me at your local venue. A lot. If I can’t get there by performance, then let’s get there by annoyance!

#LaughOutLove    ~ Craig