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Can we just get back to laughing?

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Whew! One thing we can all agree on is that we are happy to see the end of this toxic election cycle. No matter whether our candidate was victorious or not, we now have a chance to renew our spirits. 
Laughter is non-partisan, it has no race, creed or color. Well, I have seen quite a few red faces after the shows, but I think you get the meaning. Bottom line is, If you need to mend some wounds after (perhaps), a hurtful de-friend on Facebook please join our laughter movement. Go to and check out how you can get involved, and of course you can view my schedule to see if and when I am touring in your area. I have a lot of stories and fresh material to share. And I promise it’s not political! Besides, considering the skin tone you can only see on Sherwin-Williams color chart, and the hair that appears to have once been road kill, sometimes it's too easy to joke about the obvious. Ooops. I guess i just slipped. That's the last, I swear!
Also, if you’re a business or a group is in need of levity please let us know if you would like me to assist. I have been doing keynote speaking for many corporations, helping people transform by breaking down barriers that prevent happiness, good health, and success.

On November 30th I am teaming up with an amazing speaker/coach Sean Smith, and we will be conducting a 3-hour workshop for couples called, “Laugh Out Love.” Go to our website for information, there is limited space and it will sell out fast. Really looking forward to a night of fun & frolic!