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Shoesletter June 23. 2014


I met with a doctor and it turns out I have a rare degenerative disorder called “Satiricarcigeria.” I go under the knife next week. Several specialists from around the world will be performing a very rare procedure. After a thirteen-day intensive operation, I will then have to wear internal organs, such as lungs, liver and stomach, outside and on top of my skin

My family is dealing with this by asking me to move to a hotel room. Since our fifteen year old is now the man of the house and sole breadwinner, he is filing for welfare to assist in lessening the burden of medical costs and financial hardship we have now incurred. The fourth grader is selling lemonade online (, using only fresh picked fruit from neighbor trees. Our preschooler’s tiny fingers are a helpful asset, as he stays busy helping mommy design homemade Japanese jewelry. We are taking plenty of pictures of daddy and five month old daughter, so she can see what her father looked like pre-op.

This is experimental. Not the medical procedure, but the writing of this apocryphal tale. I wanted to see how many got caught in the trap, to prove a theory I will spell out from here.

I woke up this morning and had an epiphany. I find great difficulty that people pay no attention some things that are very important to me – the live standup comedy shows and/or our The Craig Shoemaker Show webcast. These days it is nearly impossible to get individuals to go out, experience something new and enjoy themselves for a 90 minute comedy show.

Hence the reason that standup comedy is not what it used to be, since the story telling style I enjoy is not what connects in the world of the cyber connected. Listening is not for the listless. I actually had an audience member call me “rude” when I politely asked her not to keep posting Facebook status updates during my performance. 

We want to help make a positive change in the world and allow people to get back to the things that are most important. The “Laugh it Off!” (The Craig Shoemaker Show) webcast/podcast has been on for over two years. Like the live stage shows, it too is constructed with purpose, inspired content and with the drive to make a difference in lives by showing the healing powers of laughter. We add a dose of personal development to the mix. The idea is to allow individuals to have an outlet that allows them to understand the healing powers of laughter, how real celebrities have actually made a successful career, and how to have a more positive outlook on life.

We invite you to be intelligent with your new Smart Phone. There are hundreds of hours you can download of past episodes, most of them filled with hearty laughs, enthralling conversation and amazing guests. Rate us, subscribe, and comment on iTunes. Like our Facebook page Craig Shoemaker and The Craig Shoemaker Show. Most importantly listen to us live from 12-2pm pst on You can even catch old episodes on there as well!

Also, it would be most appreciated if you could share some of my work that you resonate with, or even let people know on your walls and such what you experience with the comedy, and recommend your followers to take the slow and scenic train.

Or..just tweet me to STFU. NP. LOL. TTYL 

 If you are interested in advertising on the show, please contact our Producer Searra Silverberg, She will get you all the show information for any advertising interests.

Upcoming Dates:

June 26-29 Improv Ontario, CA

July 3-5 Ventura Harbor Club, CA

July 17 -Sandi Pointe Show 

July 23 New Brunswick 

July 30 Knoxville, TN 


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