Craig Shoemaker


The connection with a comedy audience has empathy at its roots.

We laugh at truth, and the comic's job is to bring relatable humor to the stage. It's a form of compassion. Comedy is also the great icebreaker. Laughter breaks down the barriers that prevent people from optimal, physical, mental, and emotional health.

This developed skill set, both studied and experienced, now assists others in creating a fulfilling, happier, and inspired life.


"Craig has shown me what it means to love unconditionally.  He will call me out on my mistakes, expose my weaknesses and help me to see my true self.  For all the amazing things he has done, helping me to be authentic and void of ego has transformed my life."

-Pat Leborio

"I would not be experiencing such an amazing life if it weren't for Craig. I was in a depressed state, recently separated and with little hope. Through a very unique process Craig guided me to heights I had not imagined. He even fixed me up with the greatest love I have ever known who is now my husband!"

-Leah Deluca

"Craig’s guidance and unwavering positivity has encouraged the much-needed introspection that (to my own detriment) I’ve so adeptly avoided for much of my life. Exuding divine warmth, Craig not only finds levity in the most difficult of situations but welcomes it, spurning stigma and legitimizing laughter as the powerful coping mechanism that it is."

-Molly Farney