Marry us, Rev Shoe!

Craig Shoemaker is an ordained minister and would be honored to preside over your wedding!  

Please contact Joe Eshenbaugh (Personal Appearances)  -- for more details. 



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In Craig's own words...

I am an ordained minister by the First Nation Ministry, a Native American organization which believes in a "universal" denomination. the highest source, love, as the key to life and happiness -- that the core of human connection is centered in the divine. It is from this peaceful, playful and purposeful spirit that we all experience life at its best. 

After many years of study at the Agape Spiritual Center in Culver City, California, the discovery of "true self" has led me to a new mission: to assist people in finding their authentic core. In doing so, it allows one to connect with those whom are like-minded, and that includes a soulmate (or in the case of a man named "Shoemaker," make that should be SOLE MATE).

So, after finding a life partner to share the common journey with, what is the essential ingredient to an enriched union?? The answer to that question is something I am intimately familiar with: LAUGHTER.

Yes, those sexy abs you are now attracted to, or that thick mane of black hair -- it all will eventually turn into flab and falling wisps. Age tends to put a wet blanket on the looks. The Brad Pitts end up a peach pit, and your Angelina Jolie will inevitably be not-so-jolly when she looks in the mirror in 20 years. Sure, you can delay it all through surgery and fad diets, but it's what is on the inside that makes for a long lasting marriage. 

The beauty fades, but it's plenty of hearty laughs that will sustain a relationship -- and extend your life on earth. Laughing together, or in the case of my own marriage, at one another, is something to look forward to, as opposed to the aching, aging body -- something few look forward to. 

So why not begin the journey as a couple with a couple of laughs? Your guests can either remember the day you got your new "ball and chain" -- or they can remember how hard their stomaches ached from the "whips and chains" jokes (or whatever is appropriate for your audience). 

Many a happy couple have had a Rev. Shoe wedding ceremony tailored to their specific wants and desires. The most important one that I hear? A spruce up (or is that "Lenny Bruce" up?) of the usually boring ceremony.

Let's add some JOY to enjoy! Get hitched in TRUE wedded bliss!  Take the vows of HaHa-trimony. 

laughingly yours, 

rev shoe


Ready for your own HaHaTrimony vow ceremony with Craig? Contact Joe Eshenbaugh (Personal Appearances).