LaughiDation™ (It's like meditation… with laughter!)

What the h*** is Laughidation™?

It's the healing power of laughing … As Craig says:

Several years ago, when I founded Laughter Heals and began our pilot program, I discovered something that I hadn't been aware of in all my years doing stand up comedy.  Laughter is different than comedy.  Comedy is subjective where as laughter is simply a human, emotional response similar to crying.  We all laugh and shed tears - sometimes at the same moment.

In part of my research, I studied the work of Patch Adams, who's approach to healing thru humor has been memorialized in the feature film "Patch Adams" starring Robin Williams.  I thought to myself, "if someone showed up in my hospital room with large shoes and a clown nose, I would want to punch him and pull out my feeding tube."  Clowns aren't for everyone, and neither is my stand up comedy.  Just ask my ex-wife!

It was around this time that I began to center myself in meditation, being guided by several leaders who showed me how to find a more balanced serene and focused self.  Knowing how good this was for my soul, I made a decision to develop a program that combined the practice of meditation, cathartic therapy, and laughter...

And there you have it.  THE GUIDED LAUGHIDATION™.  The results have been amazing.  Everything is shifted into a higher mindfulness, and conscious  space.

I hope it works for you.