Live 2 Laugh  is the contagious documentary where ...

"HA HA's meet WOO WOO to give the audience an AH HA!"


“Live 2 Laugh” is a new documentary film that merges the fields of comedy and holistic health, targeted for PG-13 theatrical release in 2015 followed by wide distribution in personal development circles. Think of it as the smash documentary “The Secret” – but rather the secret of laughter; a place to discover the vastly underutilized physical and mental healing powers of laughter.

Led by legendary comedian Craig Shoemaker (aka “The LoveMaster”), the all-star team consists of Oscar- and Emmy-winning producers/directors, doctors, reverends, celebrities, businesspeople... even the world's #1 selling author. (We count $8.8 billion in box office receipts, 40 million twitter followers and 1/2 billion books amongst them.)

As of March 2014, Top-notch management, direction, production and distribution key personnel are onboard and we're nearly ready to begin making this film.

Mind, body and spirit are addressed through real-life stories which uncover the healing powers of laughter while propelling you through a journey of self-discovery.