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A Vote for Strange

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A Vote for Strange

Considering this election cycle, and all of the inflammatory rhetoric and unkind exchanges, not only from candidates, but also from their followers, it appears we need to “pursue happiness” more than ever.

I’ve been performing standup comedy for decades. It has been the primary means of income my entire adult life. It even put me through college, earning funny money by performing anywhere I could to pay tuition and expenses, including strip clubs. Humor is a great unifier and takes us far beyond the mundane, especially when opening for the naked. We’re making memories to fondly remember. It’s an honor to be the funcilitator.

I did try retiring, but the bug bit me to return. An insect called the IRS! Yes, since there are no residual checks coming in from working Rooster T Feathers back in ’91, it looks like you’ll be yucking it up with me for a while. As much as I don’t like the rigors of travel and promotion, I certainly do see the value in making people laugh. It’s this awareness that propels most of what I do. Comedy is a unique, unconventional way of being of service, to those in need of a healthy boost, an escape from depression, or even an antidote to a stress-filled job. You invest in your own wellness when making the choice to attend a live comedy performance, a night that can be inspiring, entertaining and uplifting. Hell, you can literally lose pounds by engaging in big guffaws! Maybe I could make some extra cash by conducting Step HaRobics classes? Hmmm.

It juices the soul when we commune in the common purpose of enjoying ourselves. The outrage over world circumstances (beyond our control) seems to disappear when attending a comedy show. You become ONE with the program, instead of being programmed. It’s tapping into your genuine source, not a sponsored network news source. Comedians merely ask that you show up to embrace your highest self and the presence of the moment, contrasting the promoted fears of moments yet to exist.

A comic and audience have no agenda. Isn’t it nice to know your table neighbor isn’t going to send you some unoriginal meme to try and tell you who’s an idiot? I think the real idiots are those who don’t think for themselves, needing to name-call as a means to an illusion of superiority. Creative artists engage your potential and better thinking. Writers of what you enjoy ain’t no dummies…even when they use a double negative.

At a comedy show, you could be sitting five feet from a person of a faith you allegedly cannot co-ingle with, but it does not put a dent in your good time. There are no angry chants at a standup show. Well, unless I forget to do The LoveMaster. The mobs gathered in comedy venues are cheerful and integrated. We don’t tell you who to attack, intimidate or threaten. We inspire the most important shift of all – the one WITHIN, not telling you how to feel, just accessing your good feelings. 

A vote for this change costs 20 bucks at the door, with the promise of sustainable policies for positive growth. I hope to see you for some comic relief soon. Check my touring calendar, which goes well past the November election. You can either laugh away your misery over living up to your pledge to move to Canada, or celebrate your victory via jocular joke slinging. See you on the campaign trail.

~ Craig