Craig Shoemaker


Writing feature films, sitcoms, and reams of jokes for a standup comedy act inspired a sleeping author to awaken.

It's become my preferred creative outlet since there are no limits or parameters in the book world. A standup stage is somewhat constrained by audience feedback, whereas the prose author can explore depths without bottom.

Plus, I can now deliver art in my underwear—and you will thank me for that!

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Lovemaster'd, published by Friesen Press, leads readers through a journey of solidarity, adversity and healing. Craig and Leah, two divorcées living 3,000 miles apart, begin a most unlikely friendship by communicating entirely through private messages on Facebook. The yearlong exchange includes ugly divorce process, facing a death in the family, and miscarriage. Being on the other side of ex-spouses who often exhibit chaotic, hurtful behavior is a tall order; but by reflecting on the opposite genders' perspectives, revealing one's most intimate fears, and courageously facing one's own flaws, these confidantes take a voyage through the uncertain waters of life after broken family.

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