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Here’s an old school update via email, which is beyond 140 characters:

If you are not into Twitter or following me (@TheLovemaster), here are a coupla recent tweets to give you a chuckle.

#FattenUpAMovie – Forrest Plump. “Life IS a box of chocolates.”

#Rejected MothersDayGifts – A Mom’s Guide to Better Parenting, by Kris Kardashian

There are a lot of projects in the works. The most important (current) laugh inducer is a brand new CD, called, Craig Shoemaker: The Last Stand (Up). I would REALLY appreciate it if you would download it this week on iTunes or Amazon. If it gets a decent number, it will help a whole lot. Please download ASAP, and I’d appreciate any and all social media love you can give.

These days, your generous purchase will lead to perhaps a textbook for college for my son or a pair of socks for one of the little Shoes. A Happy Meal in the future for making you happy? Yes, the days of making money by way of album sales are over, but I thank you in advance for contributing to the cause. The CD is very funny and includes new stuff, blended with the hits.

Okay. Way over modern attention spans. Hope you are well, and stay tuned for future live appearances. Writing a brand new one man show with a big comedy director, and can't wait for you to see it!

Laugh on!

Craig Shoemaker

Posted on May 11, 2015 .


Disconnected: [dis-kuh-nek-tid]

adjective. (of a person) lacking contact with reality.

Ironic that as our “high speed connection” increases with technological advances that our “human” connection has decreased at the same rate.

One thing that drives me nuts (or into the rear end of another car) is how many of my friends correspond by text message, rather than return a simple phone call. I think most of the current overuse of texting is pretty much a passive-aggressive way of saying: “I really don’t want to discuss anything or get your feedback. This is the accepted way of expressing that I have no time for your opinions or feelings. I’m spending most of my personal hours catching up with Instagram, Twittering and Facebook status updates of people I’ve never actually met in person. I’m on a relationship upgrade and you, my old pal, are Windows ’98” to me.” 

Can you really read tone or nuance from an abbreviated message on a tiny screen? And what about the mis-spells? I once texted an old (female) friend I hadn’t seen in years -- “Hear yur in Boston. Wanna do Sex tonight?” I was trying to ask about attending a Red Sox game. Five months later, still haven’t heard from her.

We search for more “friends” on social networks we don’t really know, and therefore ceasing further development of the sterling, sustained friendships we already have in place. It’s like taking money investments and moving to another bank before the cash can accrue interest. This new system of communication sends a confusing message to our kids too. I mean, how much can a child learn when parents have to keep the imparted sage wisdom to 140 characters?  

As it is now, I can’t see how any great authors will come out of this era. Imagine classics being written today?

“It was the best of times… #poor #great #expect #CDickens

Laughter is key to our development, but where will the art of story telling go if we keep dumbing down our language skills? Standup comics will be performing 20-second sets for angst-ridden crowds of young Cubicons, who risk a night out of their comfy workspace to check out their fav hot comic HenYoung, who has 700k followers, based on his patented one liners and catch phase, “Hey, take my strife, please.” No one in the audience knows what HY looks like, since their heads never bother to peer up from the glow of their I-Phone. The club patrons won’t even need to get up to use the bathroom and risk human interaction, since the invention of the PeeAPP had its patent approved.

Our natural brain function is not being engaged, since there is now a dependence on machines to do our research for us.

One thing I have always prided myself on is a keen memory, much to the chagrin of some friends I know, who would prefer to forget some past discretions! I’m that guy reminding a buddy of a drunken tale he’d rather not have his son hear, recounting detailed stories of our days in high school, when life was carefree and without boundaries, including some stupid little law about a “drinking age.”

When engaged and inspired, the mind connects with the creative source within our extraordinary souls, thus a unique self unfolds and presents itself to the world. When interpersonally linked beyond a screen it is exhilarating. That’s life. An essence, a presence. It unfurls with unlimited personal potential, while much of the world tries to assimilate into someone else’s “norm.”

Not to sound like an old curmudgeon (which I do to my teenaged son), but I truly believe that we have gone too far in developing shortcuts, easy ways through obstacles. Our kids even Google “cheats” to beat dad in a video game! If we allow tech weenies in a Silicon Valley office guide our fate, how much are we going to figure things out ourselves? I enjoy testing my mind about trivia queries such as, “What film character was played by two different actors, that led to Academy Awards for both? 

Now, how many of you ran to chosen search engine for the answer? We seem to think there are benefits to getting things quicker, forgetting how important it is to exercise our brain muscle and examine our spirits. If we’re at the gym, we wouldn’t say, “I don’t need a spotter, thank you. I brought a personal valet to lift the weights for me.  In a few weeks, I will have those biceps I’ve always dreamt of showing off!”  

Right now, an I.T. team in India is building your body for you.

I am concerned about the next generation. With adults doing all the labor for the developing youth, doling out rewards such as “participation trophies” simply for being on the team, how will we evolve as human beings?  

I can envision a job interview when the child grows up and enters the work force. Imagine the shock and confusion when a prospective employer says they are not hiring this oft-coddled kid.  

“What do you MEAN, I am not what you’re looking for? MOM?! Tell him how I’m your hero. What do I do now? Can I keep this company coffee cup for participating in the interview?”

The truth is, we have to allow our fawns to stumble so they can learn how to get up and walk. Experience, not an app, is our greatest teacher.

You know what teaches a lesson more than any parenting book? A SCAR! My mom must’ve told me a thousand times not to play near the stove. You know what convinced me she was right? Playing near the stove. The burn mark I have on my hand is my permanent Post-It-Note. “Reminder – Do NOT fart around in the kitchen!” Buying holiday gifts for me is easy. Two words: Oven mitts.

Let’s agree to slow things up a bit. Take a pause before rushing to press, “send” on an email. Better yet, how ‘bout you re-experience that horrible taste of a postage stamp, and actually walk with your sedentary, overweight kids to a mailbox and send a hand written letter on actual paper to someone special? If you don’t remember, it is called a “Pen Pal,” not a “Snap Chat.” And if your pen breaks, you don’t have to stand in line at a tech store, hoping the warranty is still good on your Bic Ball Point.

Receiving a hand written note in the mail is so meaningful and impactful. It is tactile, not only can you touch it physically, but also sends signals to our heart. I still have stacks of old letters from as far back as a vacation postcard from grand mom, who brought this little boy’s fanciful and emerging imagination to a previously unknown place outside the confines of our neighborhood – Delray Beach Florida. Approximately 20 words written to her grandson in her recognizable cursive, said more to me than reading a year of someone’s status updates. I cherish her memory and hold those recollections in a treasure box.

Communion, communication, community. Let’s commit more to the essentials. Relate, instead of reboot. Look into one another’s eyes, the window to the soul, not the impersonal hyperlink to a page that gives a peak into a speck of who someone truly is.

Let’s speak to one another, using our idiosyncratic voice, a vibration reaching well beyond tap dancing a quick thumb message on a tiny keyboard. How bout a REAL happy face from an in person live laugh, replacing that new emoticon you just discovered?? Truly let out genuine “LOLs,” in lieu of writing it on someone’s Facebook status. I mean, are you actually rolling on the floor laughing as you see pictures of cats with Hitler mustaches? Ok, those are a little funny, but gasping for breath from hearty laughing only takes place with other people sharing the experience with you. Or, when your spouse trips and falls. 

Now, how many made it this far? You’re over 900 words in. I congratulate you! Don’t have a special trophy for you though, however, for your patience there is a reward - the answer to the trivia question. 

Marlon Brando and Robert DeNiro both played the character “Vito Corleone” in “The Godfather,” winning them both Oscars.

Now, pose that trivia question at your dinner table verbally, leaving your thumbs for more important bonding with the children – thumb wrestling!


~ Craig








Posted on April 6, 2015 .

Shoesletter February 2015 - "Re:flections"


“Re” is an abbreviation meaning “regarding,” but is also a prefix is used to signify a return. We can rethink or reevaluate, leading to perhaps recognition of a core issue which may inspire rehabilitation. We can lose connection with a friend until it comes time to reconnect. In Hollywood you have a take one, then a possibility of a retake, but if you have too many takes, you get rePLACED. 

There is a do and a redo; writing and a rewrite. A point of view could result in a review. A sound is much more powerful when it reverberates, especially when it comes to a resounding “yes!” when recommitting.  

The “re” as a prefix doesn’t always make sense though, as I’ve yet to hear anyone say they are sponsible, spectful or vealing. If a game resumes play after a penalty, when the teams are back to playing, could we also say they had already been “suming” the game? We all like good results, but where are the sults leading up to the outcome?

I announced my retirement a month and a half ago, somewhat because I was tired of redoing the same repetitive pattern for three decades. I chose to reduce the regimen of required traveling on the road, even at the risk of rejecting income. 

It has been a long and remarkable career, but it is simply time for a rebirth. 

Over a month now since the last performance and there are no regrets or remorse. Have had some calls to reenter the comedian pool of available work, yet nothing to move me away from the objective to repurpose the agenda to help others in a more profound way. 

There are no family revolts either, only a revitalized relationship with the wife, children and friends, which is essential to a refreshing life. This is a reboot; a rejuvenating rendezvous with the creative source resonating within. 

Having come from little or no financial/emotional support puts a little scare into this bold decision. Dealing with countless resistance and resentments of certain some ones, the resilience required to take on those obstacles has been pretty draining. The actions of a few haters has been simply reprehensible, but instead of reengaging with toxic folks, I choose to retreat. The fight with these particular forces, who are reenergized by any sign of returning fire, took me into a space of despair, even leading to panic attacks and, yes, acid “reflux.” 

Rather than build a resistance arsenal through similar methods as the attacker, it was time to restrain the impulse to seek revenge, resisting the temptation to retaliate, no matter how difficult the challenge. Time to reduce the negative forces by putting focus into a positive force within. 

Surrender has been oh-so-sweet.  

So far, this has been a rehabilitating recovery from patterns that will no longer serve a greater good. There is much about this self-rehab in the book “Lovemaster’d,” with follow up book on the way. Please read it, and if you have already, give it a review on social networks.

The road to redemption includes recovery from previously unrevealed internal wounds. Before defining new rebounding direction, it is imperative to reveal to heal. Unearth to plant new seeds. Put the heart before the course. Gotta deal with the lies to realize…

Although there are many cynics who call “foul,” and believe this is some sort of a stunt or PR move, many more are looking at this personal revelation with great respect. In just a few short weeks, this renewal seems to have regenerated a whole new opening of the universe. By committing to this reclamation, it allows for the unlimited potential to be released and realized. 

By no means is standing in front of strangers to make em laugh a “safe” way to make a living, but it can be inhibiting if locked into a perception of confining anticipation. There are countless platforms to recharge the sparks of imagination. Comedy clubs can sometimes prevent true expression, since the audience who pays at the cash register, expects a joke style that removes them from a tough day and onto hearty laughs. So, the comedian must deliver what is paid for, thus often resulting in a redux of traditional joke forms, while recoiling from the rest of the emotional treasure trove. 

If fans think I should refrain from regions of subjects they find objectionable or confusing, then it inhibits the remarkable from being realized. We are all so much more than our career or paramour choices and should approach our journey with reckless abandon, even when some want to revoke your relationship license. People thrust strong opinions and labels upon stand up comedians, somewhat akin to a repressed boss commanding the rules of engagement. It leads to a disregard for the comic’s wide-open spirit, stifling the many playful colors to paint with. 

This Mirth Monkey has been released from the cage.

Leaving road venues makes space for a reinvention, which now can include artistic, transformative avenues that are hard to explore on a traditional comedy stage. As much as the laughs are currently rich and meaningful, this new style will dig even deeper into our souls. It’s not Craig food reheated, but a brand new recipe I know you all will enjoy some day soon. This Shoe is being re-soled.

I realize this sounds nuts to many. If you’re from Boston, you might even think I’m a REtaahhd. My accountant might think I am not being very responsible. Skeptics cannot fathom a guy making good money at something he’s crafted for three decades would resist the temptation to retract the plan and re-book the road gigs. 

Not for now. This choice has already led to a resuscitation of the “Hollywood” side of the job, which was barely on life support, since I left any effective mojo behind each time I boarded a plane to fly away from the action. 

If you boil down a comedian’s skill set, it includes a steady reconnaissance of the country, to explore what the people outside Tinsel Town connect with. Standups know what makes the real people laugh, much more than those who revel within the shallow waters of trendy showbiz pools. If you wonder why most shows on TV stink, then ponder the stagnant ponds from which they are created.

The “funny” thing is most of the decision makers have no experience in humor creation. How can they make a determination on a program that appeals to every day people, when their every day comrades exclude the very audience they covet? Where we used to enjoy original content, now it’s mostly a remix. Time to rearrange the way it’s done. 

What’s really cool (so far) is how the “elite” are getting it with me. The good news is they are not all fishing at the same watering hole. There are plenty of talented studio execs and we are getting a whole bunch of nibbles. Meeting after meeting, mostly to hear pitches on shows I’d like to produce, have led to tremendous residual results. 

Reclaiming a place where there will be potential to play a bigger stage - just a reformatted version to fit on your screen. 

Many are fond of the term “rebrand.” However, a brand is permanent. The rancher who owns you burns his emblem into your skin. You have no decision on what it says or how it looks. It hurts. Not for this steer. This artist is in his renaissance phase, and I truly hope you stay with me during the period of personal revelation and discovery. 

Re: retirement. Tired my ass. This readjustment is reenergizing. There is no chaise lounge rocking chair, IRA or golf membership here, but a reinvigorating regeneration of spirit, with an intended outcome of redesigning an expansive career path. Repeat customers are key to business, and I hope you remain my friend and artistic partner for reternity!  

Respectfully yours,  


Posted on February 9, 2015 .

SHOESLETTER - Holiday Edition 2014

Yes, this standup touring career is coming to a close. Over 10,000 nightclub shows and all that’s left is this Friday and Saturday at The Irvine Improv, and New Year’s Eve at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, California. If you want to attend the Dec 31st final show, friends get a nice discount if you use the code “justin” when ordering tickets. I suggest you eat there too to assure good seats.

After decades of standup comedy career, while still doing it better than ever, I've decided to re-boot and move on from the road. It is a daunting task to move onto alternative sources of income and creative outlets, but I am very committed to this transformation.

I will still do select shows where there is not a grind or pressure of having to fill venues. I really want to give other artistic areas a true shot, and being on the road each week has prevented me from doing that. Now is my chance to do things of more “purpose” too, as well as be around my amazing family more often.

But if some of these ventures don’t pay off, I will be back like CHER! Look out for a Craig Shoemaker with peacock feathers and a permanent surgical smile splashed across my face.

To say I am grateful to all of you, as well as those of you who hired me, would be a huge understatement. I can recall with such fondness seeing you all during shows and after, with supportive grins and compliments aplenty. It’s an unforgettable connection. I hit the lotto about 10 million times, for doing what I love and having your laughter seal the deal, makes me one wealthy guy. I thank you from the depths of my soul.

I just had a conversation with our ten year old about very rich people. I was so proud of Jared, as he expressed his observation of the people of high prestige and obvious abundance of money. He observes them as being stressed and not happy. At his young age, he already notices the chase for more property will rarely lead to a treasure trove of happiness. What came out of our father-son conversation is how fortunate we are to have the amazing family and friendships we do, as well as the infinite amount of laughs we share. We might not have the goods that indicate a lot of cash, but we sure have a vault of fun and love. And now I get to be around for more of it, which is the top motivator in making this difficult decision to leave the old career.

Also, I appreciate your comments on my Facebook Fan and Personal pages about the memories we share, specifically regarding your favorite parts of the act and when we first hung together. It brought me such joy to read your recollections. Keep em comin!

Since the audience is limited on social network, PLEASE sign up for the Shoesletter at to get the Bi-monthly updates emailed to you. You can win prizes, as well as keep up with some creative recipes we are cooking up.

Have the best HaHaHaliday ever!

~ Shoe



© 2014 Craig Shoemaker: The Lovemaster. All rights reserved.


Posted on December 23, 2014 .

To promote or not to promote...

I wrote a book called LoveMaster'd. 

I'm often suspicious of promotion. With this creative work I assure you there will be no windfall made. I'd be lucky to buy a month of AOL with the profits. In this case gain is not financial, but hearing how it helps readers through difficult times. Similar to a point guard in basketball, it's not about personal stats, but that we all win by sharing ideas/experiences in respect to how we manage life. When hearing the countless responses to the writing and how the book has inspired positive change, the heart fills, not my pockets.

The book delves into child abuse, physical ailment, parental alienation, relationship breakup, addiction, molestation and mental illness. We're around upheaval every day, but how do we approach it and navigate past sometimes paralyzing circumstances? 

Sounds like a real "feel-good," eh? HaHa. Sorry, it's not the act, but what got the act on a stage that is key to this piece. 

It does have humor, but the real essence is an honest revealing and subsequent healing. Laughter is the best medicine, but unbridled truth in all areas inspires new thought and resulting wisdom, which I believe we need more of, rather than mindlessly ignore the issues before us.

Based on the many generous reviews submitted, it appears the intention is being fulfilled. I thank you all for that! 

You can get Lovemaster'd at and I will sign your copy, or go to any of the usual online stores. It is a good gift because you are handing someone a "how-to" guide, which many times comically turns into a "how NOT to," in hopes you can all learn from my countless mistakes and buffoonery! 

So grateful to you all, and thankful you are part of this amazing journey. 

May you all live happily ever laughter! ~ Dr Shoe

Posted on December 10, 2014 .

Wrestling with the truth

When I was young, I recall being upset that pro-wrestling didn't get its due respect. I always wondered why they didn't list matches & results in the sports page, and figured it was because of elitist snobs with the print media. I had fights with people who said it was fake. "How can something right in front of you not be real? I'd like to see you be slammed like that and see if you can get up! Do you know how many would have to be in on the hoax? It would be impossible to cover up."


When the wrestlers yelled in front of the cameras the threats and insults at one another, it proved to be so genuine. Why would two adults display such rage if it weren’t authentic? The pre-show displays influenced my friends and I in choosing our favorite grapplers, all based on the words and image we saw projected on the screen. Often our favored icon ended up winning too. We stuck with our guy no matter what, usually the most "American," with the clear enemy being the dude dressed as an Arab Sheik or a big hairy Persian. Bad guys were well defined in this world. The darker they were, the more pleasure the crowds expressed when they fell. When the evil guy was toppled, it emboldened our spirits.


If anyone challenged the integrity of pro-wrestling, there was always its popularity to prove him or her wrong. Most importantly, packed stadiums and big ratings made me feel validated of my choices and strengthened my arguments. The TV gave me stats to fire back at the doubters too. They told me so. I had no reason not to believe them.

I went to a huge steel cage event to see for myself. This was no trickery. There they were, right in front of me. Wow! Thousands of other rabid fans with signs demonstrated unfettered support for their hand picked hero. They gave us a show to remember too. Props Carrot Top would envy. A set out of Lord Of The Rings. Andre The Giant, THE MAN of his era and here was living proof! Like the wrestlers and costumed promoters, I yelled insults at anyone who dared to take issue with my beliefs. Idiots. Snobby fools. Heads in the sand. Sheeple.


Then...I woke up. With adulthood and awareness came better reasoning and soulful vetting process. I began to see things for what they were, not the images glimmering before me. I began to think for myself and not be ruled by garish flash. Critical thinking replaced common following. Challenging the authorities I empowered became more important than mindlessly accepting what they told me. I thought, "If they are so good and right, why have all the blaze and loud rhetoric? And how come there are different rules that seem to change constantly? Why are they ignoring the referees? Isn't it illegal in a sporting event to bring in props and weapons?" Real high school and collegiate wrestlers prove their mettle through hard work and subsequent results, and don't rely on pyrotechnics to win or gain favor.


My emotional, visceral, common reactions became more thoughtful, logical and balanced. Instead of having the knee-jerk response to those who questioned my chosen champs, a reasonable and intelligent self began to emerge. It turns out it was ME who was the fool, the idiot, the sheep. My head was in the sand, even though I once accused the others of the exact character defects I possessed. My need to be right moved into a space of a need to be inspired.

The self-transformation bled over to all of inner and outer relationships. Love life changed and friendships either grew, were redesigned or toxic ones abandoned. Emotional health and well-being took precedence over joining the haters of those who labeled the searchers in derogatory ways. Being happy ruled over the power hungry who wish to rule our souls. Contrary to reacting to opposing views with venomous responses, great pause was taken to reflect upon what is real, not what someone in need of my following needs me to think.


Any of this sounds familiar? See any societal parallels to what we see taking place in our communities, especially with the hate spewed on Facebook? Yes, our political/media/corporate structure has taken over our way of life, much like when we put faith in the structure of WWE.


As we argue over the talking points the media hands us with great divisive purpose, it is not too different than arguing that Hulk Hogan is the true champ or that the Vince McMahon organizations are the only valid ones. In regards to being right, a similar name calling system is currently in pace for those who oppose the righteous views.

Who profits from the attention paid to this silly infighting for who's right? Assuredly not the fans. The masses scrape their last monies together to give to this phony system. Like the ads that support all mass media - they spin, lie and present propaganda then we buy it. The rhetoric has them indoctrinating into your mind who your enemy is, while convincing you of their power to fight it. If you are "informed" about a leader who is on the villain list, just remember it is not indeed fact, much as Abdullah The Butcher isn't really the bad man they want you to believe he is. Off the stage, he has the same dreams, feelings and desires we all have, but he had to take the bad guy route, since his looks would never be accepted as bonafide USA grade. When you contemplate the current dialogue about immigration, I suggest following your heart, not the meaningless political spin from someone whose been bought and paid for. Just like WWE decides who wins, so do our elected officials. There is no level playing field in either case. I hope we can all examine this and initiate positive change.


We fight amongst one another and the corporate structure benefits from the conflict. They have the weapons, unhealthy foods and mind-altering drugs to keep us comfortably numb and addicted. They possess the power and own our voice. If we oppose, they convince the ground troops, saps like us, to fight between ourselves, calling names like "conspiracy theorist whack job" if someone brings up thoughts outside the common narrative. We are quick to reject, but not to reflect.


Any of what I describe about pro wrestling can be directly compared to our socio political climate right now, only the stakes are a lot higher than believing that Cyndy Lauper is a wrestling manager.


I suggest and propose we all begin to pause when confronted with an alleged enemy or situation that appears to be overwhelming. Check within for answers and see where fear is being used to sway your critical thinking. It is an old trick, so be brave enough to dispute it. If their goal is to keep us unconscious, and believe only the powerful have our answers, then let's be more conscious and answer to the greater power source inside of us, the one that guides with great heart, empathy and compassion.


Really, truly and deeply examine what is in it for your own happiness and what is lining the pockets of the already beyond reason wealthy. As we fight about minimum wage, they enjoy unreasonable and unethical profits. Hell, I think we should introduce the idea of having a MAXIMUM wage! And not keep bickering over poor people merely trying to get by, as if welfare fraud even comes close to corporate fraud as far as damage.

Look closer at why we are distracted by assigning blame to the ones who want to eat, rather than the criminals in suits & ties we will never see on the news being taken to jail. See our fellows, as they want to be seen, not for the images that fill our screens. View with heart, not eyes. Just like the wrestler's plight outside the ring, if we keep fighting amongst one another, we will end up broke, bloodied and sad. And the ones, who put on the charade parade, live in unprecedented opulence.


The next time you feel compelled to post divisive, nasty comments about information you were handed, contemplate how similar it is the pro wrestling template. You can ether live in denial or solution, but the unfortunate difference is one is entertaining and one has serious consequences.


All that being said, no matter how fake or illusionary, no one had a better shtick or name than "Haystacks Calhoun." The dude was the real deal! 




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Shoesletter November 13 2014

The stand-up touring is winding to a close December 31st, but this does not mean “retirement” from the creation of art that pleases all senses from a multitude of platforms, arenas and stages. Think of it as a re-boot. A Shoe redesign. Sole search. Lacing up for a new adventure to share with you.


I really appreciate all those who have read an alternative creation outside the comedy box, the book I wrote, “LoveMaster’da Digital Journey to Love & Happiness.”


The book is a yearlong conversation via private messaging on Facebook with a woman 3000 miles away. She was going through a painful breakup. I divulged personal stories with her of life’s struggles, falls and breakthroughs. The piece is the actual back and forth conversation we had with one another. Much of it is the “why” of how one makes a choice of becoming a comedian for a career too.


I sincerely hope you read the book or get it as a gift for someone who can use a little internal healing or lift. Even though it may cause tears, there is much triumph in our literary soul expedition. And of course, it is peppered with laughs.


It’s received humbling critical acclaim, and I really got a cool feeling when receiving an unsolicited email from the famous Dr Drew, who said he’s reading it for the second time and it’s bringing new dividends to his life! Love it…



All tour dates are listed on and listed below. If you haven’t already, sign up for the email list. We give monthly prizes for being a part of our team of laughers. You can also get a (signed) book or other goodies for the holidays at the store.


I will refrain from calling it a Shoe Store, but will tell you, “If the Shoe fits…”


Happily Ever Laughter!


Btw, LA area friends, 1 show on my birthday Nov 15, 8pm Hollywood Improv. Almost sold out, so hurry up and come hang with us.

Upcoming Dates: 


November 12-14 Hiliarities Ohio 

November 15- Hollywood Improv California 

November 21-23 Tempe Improv Arizona 

November 28-29 Hermosa California 

- Shoe


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Shoesletter Oct 27 2014

What a cool, unexpected email I received last week. The famed Doctor Drew Pinsky sent me a note out of nowhere, letting me know he is reading, “LoveMaster’d” for the second time and it is bringing “new dividends” to him personally. Really dug receiving that email…

Please, if you are a reader, check out the reviews of the book. It might compel you to pick up a copy, and if it’s purchased through, I can sign it for you. It reads more like a novel, and is not what you might expect from a “comedian,” but I remind people that a true comic speaks from an organic, truthful place and Robin Williams certainly showed us the darker side in some of his greatest work. He obviously held on to some personal inner turmoil too. This book speaks to that sort secret life, uncovering many of the hidden feelings that can lead one to difficult places. The cathartic revealing is (hopefully) a good thing for all of us.

As many of you know, the standup touring is winding down, with less than three months left. Frankly, this is the strangest, scariest time of my adult life, and that includes our midwife being late for our baby’s home birth!

This has been my job for over 30 years. Oddly, the shows have never been better and the new material is hitting, and now that the time is getting closer, many are pressuring me to not got through with it. Some think I’m doing a Cher or Streisand thing with the retirement. Can’t we come up with a better, more straight/male reference for this? The Scorpions, maybe? KISS has made a lot of comebacks after their countless announcements. Can I be Gene Simmons?

I’ll get more in depth on the reasons for changing up the career, as well as updates on what you can be a part of.  A lot of tour dates this fall and winter. Come out an share some laughs.

Thanks for being part of the journey

Happily ever laughter!

Upcoming dates: 

November 6-8 Laugh Boston 

November 12-14 Hiliarities Ohio 

November 15- Hollywood Improv California 

November 21-23 Tempe Improv Arizona 

November 28-29 Hermosa California 

- Shoe

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Shoesletter Oct 2 2014

One of my closest friends passed away today. I do not want to reveal his name right now, because some do not know yet. I will certainly give him a memorial tribute when the time is right, but for now it’s simply a time for reflection.


He was an inspiration to me, a courageous man, who extended his life on earth to many, many years past the doctors’ prognosis. My memories of him are enough to colorfully fill a novel. His take on life leaves all who knew him with a nudge to examine our personal journey. For me, he initiated a compelling desire to assist others in making fresh choices. He might be gone from his body, but his legacy stays with us forever.


One key lesson, and what I believe sustained him, is a supreme wish for joy & laughter. We shared countless laughs, and were lucky enough to cause others to giggle from some of our collaborations. And when he was in his darkest days, it made me feel better when I caused him to shine with his knowing glint.


We search for answers when someone dies before they are supposed to. Why would a loving higher power make him suffer as he did? Why make this good man deal with such pain?


We’ll never know all the answers, but we can explore the greater purpose and find personal meaning from tragic circumstances. To me, he showed us what is most important; to love with all we have, nurture family & friendships, be of service and make a difference. Be bold; create an alternative reality from the one we are handed. Look deep within. Tell the truth. Live in higher purpose. Be kind and generous. Laugh your ass off!


He was a great writer. To reach beyond the boundaries of the fearful is a key to those who offer us true, original art. He did this, and I will immerse in that path of creativity more than ever.


NOW is the time to seize the project he inspired – a film about the healing powers of laughter. We’re all set with an all star production team. I am totally committed to raising the last few dollars to make our dream come true! Purpose: to raise the awareness of the healing powers of laughter: physically, emotionally and for the soul. It feels like he is still speaking to me. I am answering the call by continuing to spread the message…


In the meantime, the comedy tour continues, with the laughs seemingly more hearty of late. If it is not from a comedy stage, the urge to inspire others to their unlimited potential will manifest itself in various other ways. The book, LoveMaster’d, is getting feedback that makes me happy it was written. I encourage you to read it, especially if you are going through tough times.


Please don’t be concerned with condolences to me. I am in acceptance of his death and have been for a while, as he suffered miserably for years. This is the only time I have actually resonated with the phrase, “he’s in a better place.”


Hope to see you all soon. Remember…“Take laughter seriously!”    ~ Craig Shoemaker



Podcast Updates: 


The Craig Shoemaker Show: Incase you have missed my beautiful co-host Lisa Rado and I are taking this new technology of Podcasting by storm. We have great guests every week that you can either listen live or download on iTunes. Both options are of course FREE. We air live every Wednesday from 12-2pm PST and love to have people call in and tweet us live from the show. Our show phone number is 818-691-3959 or tweet us live @CraigShoeShow. We love all the feedback and stories our guests can share with us. We offer nutrition advice, health, wellness, and so much more just give us a call! Want to be a part of our audience at Universal Studios? Send us an email and let us know we would love to have you! 


    Upcoming Guests: - Paul Ben Victor - Tom Cotter - and more! 


I will include the link for the podcasts and your upcoming Dates. 


Tour Dates are always available on 



2-4 Comedy Castle - Royal Oak, MI 

9-12 Improv Fort Lauderdale, FL 

16-18 Goodnight's -North Carolina 

24-25 Flappers - Burbank, CA 



6-8 Laugh -Boston 

12-14 Hilarities - Cleveland OH 

15- Improv - Hollywood, CA 

21-23 - Improv -Tempe, AZ 

28-29 Comedy Magic - Hermosa, CA 



5-7 Punchline - Atlanta 

11-14 Tommy T - Pleasanton 

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Shoesletter Aug 19 2014

20 years ago this month, I recorded my first CD at the Ice House Pasadena. (Remember those shiny 4-inch audio discs that spin?) This weekend I would love for anyone in Southern California to attend one of the three shows at the Ice House. Come be a part of our audience for the anniversary recording of the final performances. Bring your best laugh to add texture to the CD, record, album 8-track…whatever the hell you call it!

As some of you might know I am transitioning to other creative outlets and this now includes “author,” of a personal development book, adding luster to the confusion!

The success of LoveMaster’d has been a pretty cool thing, especially since I’ve basically had one career my whole adult life. The last job I had before comedy was converting cesspools to sewers when I was a kid. Talk about a shit job…

This Saturday the 23rd we’ll be doing a book signing and Q & A at Bank of Books Ventura CA at 12 pm PST. There will be paperback copies available for purchase. This past week I was honored by one of the world’s most renowned reviewing companies, Clarion Review, as they gave LoveMaster’d a 4 out of 5 star rating. The Clarion review touched on many things that people don’t expect from a stand-up comic such as…


"Shoemaker demonstrates a comedic timing and cleverness, as well as a caring, empathetic voice…Lovemaster’d is an honest, hopeful look at recovering from divorce. Those who have faced the difficulty and complications of both losing love and growing love will relate to Shoemaker’s insights."

“It is heartening to see how Shoemaker offers the good, bad and ugly of his own experience in an attempt to help the more recently divorced Leah De Luca…and move forward through their pain to ultimately find happiness- an invaluably reassuring message”


The reviews in general from all if you have been thrilling to see. We would love to hear more from those of you whom have read it. Feel free to email reviews to, if you bought it through Amazon, please give it a review there, or post them directly to my Facebook Fan Page. It all helps spread the word. If you didn’t care for it, my name is “Adam Carolla.”


Upcoming Events and Performances:


Aug 22-23 Ice House Pasadena, CA

Aug 23- Book Signing- Bank of Books Ventura, CA

Aug 29-31- Brad Garrett’s Las Vegas, NV

Sept 5-7 Comedy Zone Charlotte, NC

Sept 13- Book Signing- Big Blue Marble Book Store, PA

Sept 14- Magooby’s, MD

Sept 19-21- San Jose Improv, CA

Sept 22- Ventura Comedy Festival, CA



As you can probably imagine, the death of Robin Williams has had quite an emotional impact. Personally, tragedies always lead to deeper self-reflection. In this case, the early death of a comedy legend has inspired thoughts of personal growth. One speculation on Robin's suicide raises this question - did he give away so much but left little for himself? Was he making others happy, while he did not tend to his own pleasure and needs? How much of his turmoil came from keeping things secret, knowing he could not share certain pain or illness, for fear the press would pounce upon it and expose his frailty to the world, all for the sake of sensationalism and ratings?

We all have problems, but I cannot imagine how magnified they can become when the whole world is watching. In honor of Robin Williams, how about we make a decision to embrace the laughter, whether generated by self or others? Allow levity to take the place of divisive cynicism. Discover the places in the soul in which may go astray and tend to the broken parts. Be honest about the perceived failures and never go it alone. Surround us with people of divine purpose, who wish to share vision and live with passion. Robin Williams is giving us all a platform to reach out to people and allow them to understand they are not alone. Through awareness and social platforms we can spread the word and help make a difference.

In reflection, I think it is time we took an outside-the-norm peak at Robin Williams’ death. Let’s not focus on how or why, but look to what message he left for us to ponder. His on and off stage life was one to emulate, as his generosity and kind spirit touched so many. Let’s co-create a better of society. This is a time to bond together, laugh together and make a difference. Remember: Take Laughter Seriously and always Laugh Out Love! 

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Shoesletter July 2014

Based on ratings, reviews and sales, my recently released book, LoveMaster’d, appears to be taking over the relationship and love world in a whole new way.


We had a last second book signing at the first place I ever worked (as a dish washer) at Halligans in Flourtown, PA. Over a hundred people showed up! One person I went to high school with read it and gave me this Philly-like assessment: “Damn, Shoe. I couldn’t put it down. You can write! I always remember you as a CLOWN.” I guess I will always be known as the guy locked in the closet by the fourth grade teacher, but something good must have seeped into the mind of this little juvenile delinquent, because the reviews of the book have been mind blowing.


As many of you know, the book was sent in advance to a number of celebrities such as Whoopi Goldberg, Dr Drew, Jeanie Buss and Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul author). All were kind enough to give it a positive endorsement for the cover. I realize now that the book is having a transformative effect on many people in ways that I didn’t initially realize. My reason for having this published is that I wanted to put this information out to the world with the goal of helping others better manage emotional pain and/or difficult situations.


I could go on and on with expression of gratitude about the amazing reviews and stories that people have shared about the book such as:


This book should be required reading for anyone with a pulse! This is a handbook on how to live life as a master of your own journey while maintaining an open, vibrant heart an truly gaining the ability to cultivate love and happiness.” – Lynn on Amazon.


“A book really about what it means to love. I need to read it again!” –Stephanie on Amazon.


“Awesome that a comedian can delve deep into the world of self help, all while reflecting on love” – Dave on Amazon


I am deeply moved by the kind words of so many readers and their willingness to share their deep and often personal reviews of the book. I would love to read more of your thoughts, so please leave them on my Dr. Craig Shoemaker Facebook Page and give us a review on Amazon. Also, I do see private clients that want help in their relationships, family, love, and much more. Write to me: for a consultation.


Many individuals seem to relate to LoveMaster’d on multiple levels and are starting to really believe that there is a connection to themselves and others that is larger than what we currently understand. The release of this book is just the beginning of a personal and professional “rebranding” and the beginning of a movement to raise awareness of the healing powers of laughter. Come join us and “Laugh out Love!”  

For those of you that have not read and or purchased LoveMaster’d you can do so by clicking here.


Book Signing Dates:


August 6th at 6pm at Oceana Winery in Santa Barbara, CA

August 23rd at 12pm at Bank Of Books in Ventura, CA

September 13th at TBA at Big Blue Marble Books


Don’t worry. I haven’t gone completely soft and authory on you. The edgy comedy and talking about sexual prowess of the LoveMaster is still making the rounds, baby! Upcoming Tour Dates:



1-2 Comedy Catch- Chattanooga, TN

8-9 ACES Comedy Club- Murrieta, CA

JUST ADDED 10th Irvine Improv- Irvine, CA

14-16 Comedy Works-Denver, CO

22-23 Ice House – Pasadena, CA

29-31 Brad Garrett’s MGM –Las Vegas, NV


Check out for more details and other performance dates.

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Shoesletter - New Book Release

My book is officially released and ready to order. LoveMaster’d is now available online at the Friesen Press Book Store. Available on their website is the Hard Cover copy, Paperback copy, and the eBook. Many people have been asking me about the eBook and it is finally ready. Friesen Press Book Store has the copies accessible for Google Play, iTunes, the Nook Store, and more.  The Kindle addition is now available as well on Amazon!

Click here for the Friesen Press Book Store.

LoveMaster'd Seven years after his own first marriage has ended bitterly, happily remarried comedian Craig Shoemaker gets a Facebook message from Leah, a casual acquaintance, in which she tells him that her marriage of thirty years is ending. Something in Leah’s deeply sorrowful message strikes a chord in Craig and he writes her back and offers to share some of his own hard-won wisdom on how to handle the dissolution of a marriage. But Craig’s troubles with his ex-wife are far from over and he comes to need Leah’s insights and support as much as she needs his. What evolves is a unique spiritual journey and an extraordinary friendship, conducted entirely through Facebook private-messaging. Through their correspondence, Leah and Craig struggle together through life’s storms and eventually triumph over them, transcending into fully realized lives enriched by mindfulness, acceptance, and grace. Oftentimes painful, frequently funny, and always emotionally riveting, Lovemaster’d is a page-turner that imparts priceless lessons on spiritual awakening, in dramatic, can’t-put-it-down style. 

LoveMaster’d has received raving reviews by Whoopi Goldberg, Jeanie Buss, Dr. Drew, and Mark Victor Hansen. Not to mention the countless others who have reviewed the book and said it was too good to put down. You can rate and review the book as well, here’s how…            

Amazon offers a place on the same page that you buy the book to review the book and rate it. Go ahead give it a great customer review! Click here to buy the book from Amazon.

Friesen Press also offers a great place for you to review the book under the “What People are Saying” section. I love the feedback and great reviews so keep writing them! Click here to buy the book from Friesen Press.

The more reviews the better! Please share the link to the book on Facebook, Twitter, and all other social media. I really want to get this powerful message across and that is a huge part of the reason I started my new Facebook page as well.  Click here to LIKE the page on Facebook. This will be the account that I do most of my updating and interaction with! Plus all of my book signing information will be on this page. I will post upcoming dates to go along with my upcoming Final Love Master Tour Dates.

Upcoming Tour Dates:

July 17- Sandi Pointe, NJ 

July 23- New Brunswick, NJ

July 30- Knoxville, TN

Aug 1-2 Comedy Catch, TN

Aug 8-9 ACES Comedy Club

Aug 14-15 Comedy Works, Denver, CO

Aug 22-23 Ice House Pasadena, CA

Aug 29-31 Brad Garrett’s Las Vegas, NV 

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Shoesletter - Love Master'd Pre Order Available

My new book is finally here! For one week only my book is available at a discounted price via AMAZON.  Love Master'd has had amazing reviews by guests such as Dr. Drew,  Jeanie Buss, Mark Victor Hansen, and Whoopi Goldberg.  

 Love Master'd : Seven years after his own first marriage has ended bitterly, happily remarried comedian Craig Shoemaker gets a Facebook message from Leah, a casual acquaintance, in which she tells him that her marriage of thirty years is ending. Something in Leah’s deeply sorrowful message strikes a chord in Craig and he writes her back and offers to share some of his own hard-won wisdom on how to handle the dissolution of a marriage. But Craig’s troubles with his ex-wife are far from over and he comes to need Leah’s insights and support as much as she needs his. What evolves is a unique spiritual journey and an extraordinary friendship, conducted entirely through Facebook private-messaging. Through their correspondence, Leah and Craig struggle together through life’s storms and eventually triumph over them, transcending into fully realized lives enriched by mindfulness, acceptance, and grace. Oftentimes painful, frequently funny, and always emotionally riveting, Lovemaster’d is a page-turner that imparts priceless lessons on spiritual awakening, in dramatic, can’t-put-it-down style. 

Don't miss your chance to pre-order the book especially for a discounted rate! Buy it HERE!

I have added tons of tour dates coming up so be sure to check out the appearances calendar and get your tickets there. We are taking our family vacation this month and I have added two 1 night shows. My next trip will be Somers Pointe, NJ (July 17th) and it is selling out quick. Buy your tickets direct HERE. July 23rd I will be in New Brunswick for my last time in New Jersey. You can buy those tickets HERE


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Shoesletter June 23. 2014

I met with a doctor and it turns out I have a rare degenerative disorder called “Satiricarcigeria.” I go under the knife next week. Several specialists from around the world will be performing a very rare procedure. After a thirteen-day intensive operation, I will then have to wear internal organs, such as lungs, liver and stomach, outside and on top of my skin

My family is dealing with this by asking me to move to a hotel room. Since our fifteen year old is now the man of the house and sole breadwinner, he is filing for welfare to assist in lessening the burden of medical costs and financial hardship we have now incurred. The fourth grader is selling lemonade online (, using only fresh picked fruit from neighbor trees. Our preschooler’s tiny fingers are a helpful asset, as he stays busy helping mommy design homemade Japanese jewelry. We are taking plenty of pictures of daddy and five month old daughter, so she can see what her father looked like pre-op.

This is experimental. Not the medical procedure, but the writing of this apocryphal tale. I wanted to see how many got caught in the trap, to prove a theory I will spell out from here.

I woke up this morning and had an epiphany. I find great difficulty that people pay no attention some things that are very important to me – the live standup comedy shows and/or our The Craig Shoemaker Show webcast. These days it is nearly impossible to get individuals to go out, experience something new and enjoy themselves for a 90 minute comedy show.

Hence the reason that standup comedy is not what it used to be, since the story telling style I enjoy is not what connects in the world of the cyber connected. Listening is not for the listless. I actually had an audience member call me “rude” when I politely asked her not to keep posting Facebook status updates during my performance. 

We want to help make a positive change in the world and allow people to get back to the things that are most important. The “Laugh it Off!” (The Craig Shoemaker Show) webcast/podcast has been on for over two years. Like the live stage shows, it too is constructed with purpose, inspired content and with the drive to make a difference in lives by showing the healing powers of laughter. We add a dose of personal development to the mix. The idea is to allow individuals to have an outlet that allows them to understand the healing powers of laughter, how real celebrities have actually made a successful career, and how to have a more positive outlook on life.

We invite you to be intelligent with your new Smart Phone. There are hundreds of hours you can download of past episodes, most of them filled with hearty laughs, enthralling conversation and amazing guests. Rate us, subscribe, and comment on iTunes. Like our Facebook page Craig Shoemaker and The Craig Shoemaker Show. Most importantly listen to us live from 12-2pm pst on You can even catch old episodes on there as well!

Also, it would be most appreciated if you could share some of my work that you resonate with, or even let people know on your walls and such what you experience with the comedy, and recommend your followers to take the slow and scenic train.


Or..just tweet me to STFU. NP. LOL. TTYL 

 If you are interested in advertising on the show, please contact our Producer Searra Silverberg, She will get you all the show information for any advertising interests.


Upcoming Dates:

June 26-29 Improv Ontario, CA

July 3-5 Ventura Harbor Club, CA

July 17 -Sandi Pointe Show 

July 23 New Brunswick 

July 30 Knoxville, TN 

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Need help with The Craig Shoemaker Show on iTunes?

We have had some fans that are confused by the whole idea of a Podcast/Webcast on iTunes. As always you can watch our episodes live on Wednesdays from 12-2pm PST on If you miss that the shows are always up on The Jon Lovitz Comedy Club network for viewing pleasures after the shows. 

For iTunes here is a little step by step on how to Rate, Like, and Subscribe to our show so that you can enjoy the most that Craig Shoemaker has to offer. 




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Shoesletter 5.20.14 - Comedy & Magic Club Memories...

I usually don’t single out a comedy club or play favorites. However, as I call it a wrap on the standup touring at the end of the year, obviously there is a lot of reflection going through my mind with each place I play, perhaps for the last time, and one particular venue does hold extra special meaning for me.

This Friday and Saturday you can catch shows at the Comedy & Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, CA. If you aren’t familiar with this place, you should make it a point to get there. It is like a “temple” to comedians. The greats have all played there, headlining, doing guest sets or crafting material for a special. George Carlin worked out his specials there all the way til the end of his life. When Chris Rock was honing jokes for hosting the Oscars, he went on before me when I was headlining that week. Same for Garry Shandling for the Emmys, so if a comic wants to play an audience “in town” with an out of town feel, the Comedy Magic Club is the place to go. Jay Leno performs at the club every Sunday for 30 years, which is a real testament to the character and integrity of the venue and its owner, Mike Lacy. He’s not Hollywood jaded and neither are his customers.

My first memory of the place took place in or around 1988, when I had just arrived from Philadelphia. I took a date there to gauge if she had what is key to a relationship – a good sense of humor. After all, the six-pack abs eventually turn into a keg and the mane of dark hair becomes thin and gray, so the laughs better be aplenty for a long-term commitment to someone. Funny enough, she and I didn’t make it past a dozen or so dates back then, but we eventually ran into one another a decade later and she became my wife! But, joke’s on me, she didn’t like being married to a standup comic and we split up. So much for women wanting a sense of humor!

The show that night in the late 80s was stellar and star packed. I still recall the energy I had not felt in the east coast clubs. This experience was more electric and bright than what I was accustomed to. You’re a block from the ocean and sitting amongst Californians, who are the polar opposite of the dark and smoky rooms I cut my teeth in. Where I come from, it was combat comedy, a “make me laugh” attitude, with hecklers challenging you to be good (and sometimes even your manhood). This was different. Excitement filled the air. Even the color schemes were brighter.

Did I just say “color scheme?” Good lord, I’ve been in LA too long…

The opening act was an unknown, who looked so young, he opened his act with, “hey, I’m David Spade, I’m TEN. My mother dropped me off. She’s grocery shopping at Ralphs." Next up was a guy who was on fire at that time, due to the popularity of his SNL character, The Church Lady. Dana Carvey killed it, and the audience went crazy every time he said the catch phrase, “isn’t that SPECIAL?”

Closing out the show was SNL cast member and weekend update host, Dennis Miller, who ripped up the sold out crowd with sharp, clever material, always extending your mind with uncommon words and expressions, seemingly plucked from a pocket thesaurus.

I can still freeze that night in my mind’s eye, remembering just how extraordinary it was. Sitting in an audience is not what I usually do, since almost every weekend for the past thirty years has been me on a stage as the court jester.  I recall really enjoying being amongst the crowd. It was relaxing, simply to be an anonymous part of the vibe, not the cause of it. No performance anxiety. I saved that for my hot date when I took her back to the apartment. Yeah, baby…

I thought to myself that I would do anything to be on that Comedy & Magic Club stage, so I too could enjoy myself as much as the three future comic icons I saw that night. I envisioned being asked to work that room, but part of me thought it could never happen, since only the best play that place.

Well, a few months later, comedian George Wallace introduced me to Mike and I was asked to do a guest set. It must have been a good choice of material. I have headlined that stage every year since 1990, and am beyond grateful and honored to do so. The south bay folks seem to resonate with this Philly boy for some reason. The feelings are mutual…

So, if you live anywhere in Southern California, please try to make it down there this weekend. You will be hahahappy you did…

Certainly there are many other places to see the Lovemaster’s final road tour this year. Go to for upcoming appearances. Or to download 100s of hours of podcasts for your headphones.

Take laughter seriously!





My upcoming tour dates:  


May 23-24 – Comedy Magic, Hermosa Beach, CA

May 28- Cap City, Austin, Texas

May 30-June 1 – LOL San Antonio, San Antonio, Texas

June 6-8 Improv Pittsburgh

June 12-14 Improv Irvine, CA

June 18 – Zanies, Nashville, TN

June 20-21 – Stardome, Hoover, AL

June 26-29 Improv Ontario, Ontario, CA 

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Recently, had a couple of weeks off. Well, by “off” I mean no travel standup comedy dates, but suffice to say there is never a true day of nothing for a husband and father of four. Still can’t comprehend “FOUR” I feel like one of those Catholic station-wagon Dads I used to make fun of. Starting to look like one too. Karma, bitch!

I have had a couple off nights lately, which I have spent with my kids. Caught a few Phillies games and spent a night at Dancing with the Stars, where the kids got close-ups and daddy was barely an extra in the crowd. Justin says, “Dad, you’ve been on TV like hundreds of times. It’s OUR turn!”

Our new website is up and running. I may be retiring from Stand-Up on Dec 31, but it seems my path to sitting down comedy will be even more hectic, just without the TSA frisking.

The Craig Shoemaker Show Podcast has been revamped and designed to give more of what we intended from the beginning – to offer a load of (FREE) laughs, as well as inspiring new thought/new wisdom on how to better manage our lives. Amazing guests in recent weeks on the show. Today we have good timing of booking Jeanie Buss, the owner of the LA Lakers, a day after the Donald Sterling debacle.

I have brought on a new executive producer Searra Silverberg to help me with this process. With a background of working in Personal Development and Life Coaching, she is going to bring some insight to our comedic world. She is always looking for new ideas and sponsors for the show (it’s great advertising) so feel free to contact her for more information Don’t forget to tune in every Wednesday from 12-2pm PST at and check us our on iTunes.  

As many of you know, I am headed down the road of personal, relational, and comedic health. I guess I have to grow up sometime! This will help me keep growing into my “Laugh Out Love” phase.  

We are in the final stages of my new book “Love Master’d,” a story of a difficult journey through loss, grief and bewildering obstacles, ultimately leading to an abundance of divine love and sustained happiness. It looks like a worldwide release in June.

After the original idea being formed around 2004, at long last it looks like the Laughter Heals documentary is about to be made! It was just a matter of, as they say in the comedy biz, “timing.” The mastermind group has been assembled. The team is in place to deliver a movie we know will make a difference. Please let us know ASAP if you want to pitch in.  
 ***For my LA friends***I have a last sec gig at Jon Lovitz this Sunday. Email me and I will hook you up w/ discount.
For more information, pictures, updates and stuff to make you laugh, make sure you follow me on Twitter and Facebook. I am always updating and taking tons of photos!
Upcoming Shows:
May 1-3 Rancho Cordova – Tommy Ts
May 4  Jon Lovitz Club – Universal City
May 15-18 Improv - West Palm Beach
May 23-24 Comedy Magic Club – Hermosa Beach
May 30- June 1 LOL San Antonio
June 6-8 Improv Pittsburgh
June 12-14 Improv Irvine
June 20-21 Stardome, Hoover AL
June 26 – 29 Improv Ontario

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