Laughter Heals

The Laughter Movement has begun!

LAUGHTER HEALS is a company founded by veteran comedian, Craig Shoemaker in order to promote the power of laughter to heal our hearts, minds, bodies and our souls.

After 30+ years of performing in comedy clubs, theaters, and at hundreds of charity events, Craig experienced first hand the positive health effects that humor had on his audiences. Unfortunately, there are thousands of people who cannot regularly attend live shows or movie theaters. He's working on a number of vehicles to spread the word:

  • A documentary on the healing powers of laughter
  • Several television shows are in development, both to entertain and to provide another outlet for "laughter therapy"
  • An animated series is in development
  • A book has been written and is moving forward quickly
  • Pursuing Happiness Retreat: Coming soon -- A 3 day personal development seminar focusing on "Mind, Body and Spirit" led by Craig
  • And much more...

Where did all this come from? In addition to Craig's background, a recent experience inspired the documentary, which has spun-off many of the concepts above. Craig's best friend had been battling brain cancer for several years. As a frequent caregiver, Craig noticed the depressing atmosphere in the hospitals and support facilities where he took his friend. The places were filled with people watching dismal daytime television programs which seemed to offer very little solace and comfort for the already disheartened patients.

Craig and a group of friends dedicated themselves to making this friend laugh... and not just a little, but to really LAUGH. Now, many years later, the friend is alive against all odds... and still laughing.

It is for this man -- and an entire segment of society like him -- that Laughter Heals was born.


Mission Statement

As wise people have known since the beginning of time, and as recent scientific studies have shown, laughter heals. After years of research, doctors and psychiatrists are becoming more aware of the therapeutic benefits of laughter and humor.

Our mission at Laughter Heals is to provide an easily accessible, multimedia supply of “laughter therapy” materials for the use of patients, residents and care givers in hospitals, cancer recovery facilities, children’s hospitals, orphanages, nursing homes, drug and alcohol treatment centers, assisted living facilities, and mental hospitals.

We believe that patients and residents of these institutions should have free and easy access to DVD’s, CD’s and books that inspire smiles and laughter helping to activate the healing power of humor.

For people convalescing at home, Laughter Heals will also provide the public with a one stop shopping source for funny DVD’s, CD’s, books and amusing miscellany. So when an individual, family member or loved one is suffering from any illness, there is an easy and convenient way to purchase “laughter tools” from our web site. Stay tuned as we develop our products and services for you.